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Daring is a company dedicated to providing high quality solutions for the application of adhesives and gaskets.

We have been in business for over 20 years. Our mission is to serve our customers by providing the following;

1. Providing high quality production equipment for the application of adhesives.


2. We are dedicated to providing service and support after the sale.


3. We strive to provide complete turnkey automation solutions.

  • Complete project management

  •  Project review

  •  Installation support

  •  Service support during production

  •  Adhesive, sealer, or gasket recommendations, testing ,and support


4. We will find the most cost effective solution for your adhesive, sealer, or gasket needs.

  •  New equipment

  •  Used equipment

  •  Rebuilt equipment

  •  Reconditioning your existing system(s)

  •  Provide adhesive, sealers, and gasket material


Please contact Daring and let us be of service to you.


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